Friday, March 27, 2015

Missed Call/SMS Blues

I can’t even your write your name
Lest somebody else sees it;

I can’t express my feelings
For somebody will dislike it;

I can’t hold your hand
What if somebody is jealous of it?

I can’t look at you or take your picture
Then, somebody may fall sick out of seeing it.

How much do I want you to silently say,
“Come, let us close our eyes & lock our lips;”

In an passionate embrace when two hearts become one, again,
And demons are demolished.

But now, I can’t even call or message you
Because you
   –and not somebody else-
Do not want them to be .

What more do I say,
If you do not want to grow old with me?

That, there is a next  life?
What do I do with this one, then?

Keep on walking towards an illusory horizon
And join the ember sun sinking into the blue sea?!.

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