Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Drinking for the Dummies - 10 etHICal codes

  1. Never commit the same mistake again unless you are drunk, in which case that possibly is the principal mistake.
  2. Take a firm stand not from a position of weakness but from a position of strength which is usually the day after you were drunk.
  3. Two drinks are enough when the accompanying conversation is intellectually stimulating; which is usually not the case when the number of spiritual stimulants spirals up higher.
  4. If you want to down n drinks  till the sun comes out , it's advisable to have dinner before the first one & not breakfast after the last one.
  5. Carry a small diary & pen to silently jot down your gushing feelings towards someone special after you've downed enough to break multiple barriers of inhibitions to finally either text it or express it. (Keep the diary safe and never attempt to read it later for it may not make any sense.)
  6. Secrets are meant to be forever and aren't meant to be released after alcohol gushes down your bloodstream.
  7. Always get driven when heavily drunk and do not forget to tip the driver.
  8. Good alcohol is meant to be savored in small measures while the cheap ones are meant to be drunk till one passes out.
  9. With time if you've not managed to substitute the cheap ones with the good ones, it's quite obvious that your habit needs to be dropped.
  10. The only reward in life from binge-drinking is that one day (after) it might actually push you to kick the habit, finally.
Exclaimer: The code of conduct was written on a drink-less day!

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