Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rob the mob : Review of a film by Raymond De Felitta

The 20th Kolkata International Film Festival has just started.  This year, I have bookmarked four movies from the festival website that are being screened in City Center & Purbashree. Was just in time to catch the first one today.

Rob the mob is a fictionalized version of the modern-day Bonny & Clyde story , albeit a true one, on the short lives of two ex-convicts  Thomas and Rosemarie Uva . The duo started off by sticking up a florist but got arrested . After their release they set upon an  idea of robbing "social clubs" of retired mafia bosses anticipating correctly  that victims will not call the cops. In the process they stumbled on to something bigger in the possession of the mafia bosses . Much bigger than the money, gold chains and expensive shoes that they were robbing at gun-points from these guys. This set the mafia after them even though the mafia were under public glare for an ongoing trial about a contract killer. A media story on the couple, helped by pictures from a mafia-stake-out team of the police, fished them out as easy targets for the alleged contract killers hired by the mafia.
The film is tightly made with the  camera-work being good but not exciting. Editing was balance , neither very incisive nor very negligent. The drama here was limited largely to the action scenes which were crisp and in-the-face as well as in display of passion . Passion with each other as well as with the easy money and reckless lifestyles. Michael Pitt as Thomas Uva and Nina Arianda as Rosemary do commendable enactments while Andy Garcia as Big Al & Ray Romano as the media columnist support them well.

Raymond De Felitta is an American writer, director, composer and has been directing award-winning documentaries & feature films for over two decades now. A good story-teller , Felitta also picks out his cast appropriate for the roles.

JAS Rating : 6 out of 10

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