Friday, November 14, 2014

Chambermaid Lynn- Review of a film by Ingo Haeb

Chambermaid Lynn is based on Marcus Orth's award-winning novelette. Its a story of an OCD patient who is obsessed with cleaning and of prying into other people's lives. For the first disorder , she has her job at an hotel as a chambermaid .  For the second , she preys upon her single hotel guests and tries out their personal effects & clothes till she reaches an extreme point where she secretly find's out a male guest's keen desire for sadomasochistic sex. A discovery that helps her seek her own limits of sexual pleasures , more pleasurable than uninvolved sexual liaisons with  her boss who trades sex with Lynn for covering up for her "misdemeanor" in her job. While the narrative is detailed enough to provide the viewer with an unbiased view into a deviant's mind  without being judgmental about it; its  the sound (or the lack of it) and the cinematography that captures the dramatic moments on the screen; be it a sudden slap on the behind after a long passionate wait or the dream sequence  with her lover.
Although culturally its very difficult for one to identify with such "kinky" behavior, one can do so only philosophically where existentialism almost substitutes for loneliness in a fast urban life. Here everyone is running and secretly seeking . Some find it , some don't. Lynn Zaptek figured that she found it and the German director Ingo Haeb filmed it for our secret showings. Vicky Krieps plays the creepy title role pretty well supported not the least by her pretty looks and by a perfect body. Ingo Haeb ,  ironically, is beaten by her as the only award for the film (Best actress in Zurich Film festival) goes to the former and not to Ingo Haeb, who is only in his third film project but progressing rapidly.

JAS Rating: 6 out of 10

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