Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chotushkone (The Fourth Angle): Review of a film by Srijit Mukherjee

Srijit Mukherjee  , the ace film director from Bengal, not only ensures that he gives his benevolent producers box-office hits after hits but this time in Chotushkone  , he puts forth the tribulations & pains of producers in the Bengali film industry.  However boring that concept may otherwise be for the audience, it is entirely Srijit’s mastery of  craftsmanship that transforms an unappealing concept into a thriller of a movie.  However one still doesn’t feel emotionally beside the producer; even notwithstanding Trina’s (played brilliantly by Aparna Sen) tearful breakdown in the end.
Chotushkone is about the fourth angle , literally, although the excellent narrative sketches out not an angle but a  hidden perspective that unfolds dramatically,  after the triangle has been etched out to perfection , and finally goes on to engulf it.  Since Chotushkone is a thriller till the last of its 157 minutes it’d not be proper to go into the storyline except to say that powerful performances from stellar actors , whose real lives have been blurred with reel lives, make it  literally a thrilling experience to sit through.

The return of the gifted Anupam Roy as music director adds to the overall charm of the movie  in blending six songs creatively into the movie. Be it Srikanta Acharya’s rendition of Chiro Sokha Hey ¸a Tagore song or Rupankar Bagchi’s  Shetai Shotti , penned & composed by Anupam himself, the songs are real treats.  As usual Anupam puts in his own lyrics, composition & voice in a gem of a song , Boba Tunnel.  Its this last song and the movie that gave this reviewer a good return for the money overlooking either the irrelevant, time-consuming , half-mocking retro-songs such as Boshonto Eshey Gachey  or Parambrata Chatterjee’s  average performance enacting  literally the joker in a flash hand ,an image plastered all over the city in the form of  promo-posters . One must admit that the Director has been honest in admitting this histrionic deficiency, through the character’s own mouth,  in the movie itself. Possibly Chotushkone  could’ve earned an extra rating point had Rituporno Ghosh, the late Director to whom the movie is dedicated, played this role as had been originally planned.
Overall  Chotushkone is a must-watch film .  

JAS rating : 8 out of 10 

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