Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ode to NOTA

When you decide to vote

You can refuse that note

-(or take it anyway)-

When the candidate gives them away.


“Because its really a Hobson’s choice,”

As everyone echoed in one voice

"Between two parties that politicize the diversity

-(Of course, all in the name of national unity)-

Of caste creed & community

And all other kinds of disparity."


The grand idea  is very fine

-(One even claims  that its truly divine)-

 The plan is to bank your vote

Which when cast, becomes a note

Multiplied a  million times over

When the winning party gets to power.


Fortunately the court intervened

In keeping with the pressing need;

Another choice is on compulsory offer

For voters who beg to differ

With the two biggies ruling the roost

This  new button gives the morale a boost.


It’s the coming of a new Neta 

And is aptly named NOTA

It doesn’t have a life or a body as a whole

But it reflects the yearning of a soul

That wants to break free from an old style

                                                                        contd after the pic.....

NOTA button is right at the bottom

Bring in the flowers of springtime bloom

That may or may not carry the broom

This country needs  liberation

From  corruption and inflation;

From unemployment and paid news

And from fixers and their bigoted views.


So,if you don’t trust a Neta 

That you suspect will finally make hay

Remember to give a chance to NOTA

You’ll be happy that its made your day. 

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