Friday, December 27, 2013

Jazzing it up

"Summit" at Congo Square Jazz Fest, Kolkata. Copyright:JAS2013
Watching & listening to saxophone player George Brooks leading his gifted quartet at the "Congo Square Jazz Fest" in Dalhousie Institute, Kolkata on 1st December was like refreshing old memories of  fusion music from Shakti with a heavy dose  of Weather Report. With synchronized support from talented musicians such as Kai Eckhardt on bass , Osam Ezzeldin on keyboards &  Dafnis Prieto on drums; the evening was an audio marvel of dynamic improvisation within the grammar of their compositions. George Brooks led the quartet (with numbers like Space Oddity)  blowing his horns to synthetic tunes; the improvised weaving of the latter to a colorful collage of multiples of off-beats & half-beats   were left to the rest. While Dafnis Prieto  was ingenuous with his ingenious  note-sheets , Kai Eckhardt & Osam Ezzeldin  were simply magnificent  in their tilting  solos specially with Kai also thumping a few Indian raga beats on his bass guitar.
Overall Summit, as the group is named, was a fulfilling experience, jazzily.

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