Sunday, December 15, 2013

Chess & the World

If the world is a stage, albeit a rectangular one ; so is a Chess board. No, the Chess board is not like the stage although a stage enacts a play as much as a chess game does. The world is like  a chessboard and  completely square at that. Chess is much unlike the stage where everything is only a drama. Celebration is a drama and so is tragedy! So that at the end of everything , one can reconcile that reality ,just enacted, was merely illusory. A recreation of  events played out under the influence of that part of human history which involve primal emotions.  But if one thinks a bit deep ; one will find that the chess board is a better metaphor for the perpetual conflict that engulfs the world. Conflict among races, countries, religions, languages, communities, castes, classes, corporates and individuals! On a chess board , an opponent's defensive move is most often  also an attacking one and the  attacking move is a just that. Chess is played with the intention to conquest where aggression embodies a primal instinct of man. An instinct  of violence. Violence in war, terrorism, riots & even in relationships.  The object of violence is the conquest of opponent although the approach towards the conquest is very well thought out and involves innate understanding of the opponent's moves. Chess encourages survival among greatest odds & it will not be far-fetched to think of it as aiding the evolutionary process of the human race.
And if you think that I have digressed from conflict to survival , do remember that  the chess-board is also  a place where checking (out) & mating is considered to be a conquest.
A passion play , unparalleled!

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