Friday, December 27, 2013

10 random thoughts on Team, Management & Team-management

  • Passivity is progress only in case of  nuclear bombs.(on Active Planning)
  • Work is stereotyped. Doing it different &  effectively is innovation.(On Teamwork)
  • Acknowledge always, praise when due and do both with sincerity.(On Motivation)
  • One who pukes too much, chokes in it. (On treating incessant complainants)
  • Love is giving when there’s nothing to take. (on treating the weakest link)
  • Only robots follow all the rules all the time, (on slavish compliance)
  • Marketing is a pull-game while sales is a push-game. (On Marketing & Sales)
  • Management is not profit but profit is management. (On Profit)
  • Ethics is following business practices, however unethical. Corporate governance is making those practices ethical. (On Ethics & Corporate governance)
  • Manage people first and paper next.(On Management)

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