Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Individual Warriors expected to shine in IPL 6 match between Pune and Kolkata.

Pune Warriors play Kolkata Knight Riders  at Ranchi. At the fag end of the league matches in IPL6, this contest will decide who'll lead the top half of the bottom half of the IPL6 table , if one leaves aside Kings XI Punjab. The same match last year had generated quite an interest in spite of the fact that Pune  remained at the bottom half, even then. Since the Kolkata-icon Ganguly was leading the Pune team against probable champions KKR, the match was awaited with eager interest by fans of KKR and fans of Ganguly.

This year, IPL6, however neither Ganguly is playing nor KKR have a chance to qualify to the finals. The only interest is about the behavior of the pitch at the new venue, Ranchi. The  latter is the latest among the five modern cricket-stadiums that have been built recently in India. The other venues are at Nagpur, Dharamshala, Raipur and Pune. The pitch at Ranchi behaved bizarrely a few days ago when KKR defeated Royal Challengers , Bengaluru. The ball came slow and also kept low with occasional unpredictable bounces. The weather in Ranchi being hot at 37 C, the clay pitch is expected to be devoid of moisture and assist spinners. Hence KKR will start as a favorite in a match that is expected to be low scoring again. But it will be futile to expect Pune to play another listless match since individual players will play for self-glory if only to be noted for next year's auctions.

The KKR-PW match is going to be less of a match for team-pride (as  most columnists appear to suggest) but more of a match with individual accomplishments considering we're nearing the end of IPL6 . Purely from the last perspective, PWI will hold an edge over KKR; specially also taking into account the fact whether PWI will be able to financially sustain itself next year with their Chief in all kinds of regulatory trouble regarding  collective investment schemes.

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