Thursday, May 23, 2013

Get real jokers in the IPL-6 commentary box.

If Navojyot Sidhu comes out as a colorful chatter-box  in the studio-commentary box , then there’s no stopping Sanjay Manjrekar from gushing out questions at the presentation ceremony . IPL 6, in order to drive hard their stress on the entertainment,  have made watching slam-bang T20 cricket largely a mindless exercise where cricketing points loose their conventional conservative perspectives.  Looks like the heat gets to the commentators first than the cricketers, who of course have to toil is hard under the grueling heat of new Delhi and do not know how to react to inane queries after a heat-sapping game .

In the on-field commentary box,  commentators gloss over easily-given runs to effects of heat but spend two overs chattering with a slip-fielder at the start of an innings. If the fielder was expected to multi-task, he miserably failed when he dived over an on-drive for a boundary.  Alan Wilkins had parachuted to IPL 6  for commentary and he , of course,  minced no words at a bowler’s lack of overt drive for stopping runs or taking wickets. Wilkins has disappeared since then. Probably got grounded . Not a single word otherwise from any of the other commentators about the match-fixing controversy that is threatening to erupt into a politically-inconvenient issue except for some oblique hints by calling it , “a difficult week.” And all these are cricket experts with supposedly a lot of support for the ethics of cricket, which once used to be called “a gentleman’s game.”
Since commentary is  also part he 360 degree entertainment package that classifies IPL, its better to probably get stand-up comedians with even working knowledge of cricket to substitute these overpaid & overage bunch . 


Shantanu Banerjee said...

I think IPL is the only competitive form of any game in which a player in the field chats with the commentators for the amusement of the commentators, mostly. Well, as you said, I have seen that quite a few times it becomes difficult for the fielder to concentrate. I think this is something that should be prohibited by rule and as a supporter I would feel very angry if I see this affecting the game of a fielder of the team I support. Hope, someone is listening.

Salty said...

@Shantanu, The commentators most often want the fielder to share team strategy, conversation during the ritualistic huddle, fitness of players etc. Now if you take into context the recent fixing scandal, this assumes different connotation & perspective. Add to this 4 strategic time-outs of 2.5 minutes each. Suddenly the IPL format seems made-easy for punters. The commentators have escaped scrutiny. Maybe this on-field conversation should give some pointers.

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