Friday, May 31, 2013

Captain puppet on a silver string

He has a God and a father too
No need to applaud or to drown him with a boo.
He is a Captain of the cricket team
Life's a fast lane, surely for him.

From ragas to riches, in a decade he walked
He missed the speeches while his willow talked.
He'd built a palace and splurged on bikes
A fat bank-balance is what he likes.

But a fair share of the Cricket's pie
He found it hard to really come by;
Till a man emerged from BCCI
Whose ambitions crossed even the sky

This man took the Captain on his board
Stuffed him with millions & increased his workload.
"He is priceless," was all that the man said
The Captain was speechless as he was over-paid.

That's the tale of power and money
Its a heady cocktail, even sweeter than honey.
He forgot his coach, he forgot his fans
Played for his ego and that of the man's.

A Godfather is what he really needed
He kept his mouth shut while the media pleaded.
The media was aghast to see a puppet on a string
(As if) Cricket's honor didn't matter & money was everything.


GOLD said...

Quite hard on Dhoni i think.

Salty said...

Its just a spoof on his stone-walling tactics to media queries, which appears to be guided more by his boss's conscience(if that man has one)than his own.
Thanx GOLD for your comments.