Friday, May 17, 2013

10 ways to signal a bookie during a "fixed" IPL match

Yesterday, the Commissioner of Delhi Police explained the modus operandi in a press conference as to how under-performing bowlers signaled to the bookie that the promised fix is now going live. According to the cops who were reading from the call-transcripts (I hope the audio clips will find their way to the Internet, soon) , they were  told by the bookies  not to do anything unusual. The signals used before start of an over were tucking in a towel, wearing a wrist-band or rotating the watches. Quite unusual, one might say, if you're doing such things in the second over or later. Here's 10 casual & useful  moves that could  be construed as the signal for the fixed-up bowlers or batsmen in the future matches.

Cartoon Source: Sudhir Talang

  1. Change the batting gloves.
  2. Do not remove the sunglasses while bowling.
  3. Ask for adjustment of sight-screen
  4. Open and tighten the shoelaces of both feet.
  5. Take off the helmet & wear it again.
  6. Start the over with a dummy run-up.
  7. Take your stance, stop the bowler in the run-up and then stroll over to mid-pitch for a quick chat with the other batsman.
  8. Bowl six quick practice balls to the mid-off or mid-on fielder.
  9. Knock the pitch at good-length spot ten times with the bat.
  10. Wave repeatedly to any far-off fielder for a slight change in fielding position.  

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