Sunday, November 11, 2012

Where the Road meets the sun- Review of a film by Mun Chee Yong

The 18th Kolkata International Film Festival started off from today at 12 different halls in the city. This time around Purbashree cinema hall ,which is under the Eastern Zonal Cultural Complex at Salt Lake, is screening 21 movies over 7 days  and that makes it easier for me to attend some of the movies. Today was the first but in my hurry I got tomorrow's ticket punched for today. After getting the punched ticket re-signed at  the ticket counter, watched   Mun Chee Yong's first feature film ,"Where the road meets the sun."

The story line revolves around the lives of four drifters in life. Takashi , a Japanese, escaping from a failed affair and a violent past. The second is Julio, a Mexican who buys his way into LA and works to send money home and get to LA his wife, to whom he lies constantly about his improving prospects. Guy  is a happy-go-*ucky British backpacker who's equally happy bumming off his father to fund his errant lifestyle and the fourth is Blake, the manager of the shady hotel that all the characters live in. And this manager has also a love-bruise to nurse having been separated from his wife.The plot never has much of its dramatic moments except for the violent death of Guy. This is the story of love-less immigrants where friendship develops over sharing extreme experiences whether in the past or present. Those moments of friendship are the only ones when the movie rises up in its exhibition. Otherwise its as listless as any other story of immigrants & stragglers in the land of the dreams.

Mun Che Yong does a good job with cinematography specially the frequent close-ups of the protagonists. The editing too is nice and smooth under Azhar Ismon. The music & sound  again doesn't have much to offer in a boring plot such as this. But the sets are nice , costumes great , the acting reasonably fine.
But the movie just doesn't either make one think or even move one. Mun Chee, a LSE graduate, would do well to economize on her portfolio and  stick to documentary and academic stuff.

JASRating : 3 out of 10.

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