Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let the hungry millions have the World Cup

It could not have got better than this for the Indian president of International Cricket Council. A food minister in the present government , he had once ensured that piled up grains rot in Indian godowns when the country was going through a drought and millions went hungry. Denying nutritious aid to millions of his country-men even when supreme court had directed them to be distributed had won him international press coverage for effective inventory management. But hosting the world cup final at his home ground against the Lankans literally takes the cake. The ICC president was wondering whether he should start stocking cakes too in the Food Corporation of India godowns and in the future-drought he can do a Marie Antoinette by distributing them and pronouncing "Let then eat cakes."

Leaving behind such fleeting thoughts, the ICC president was busy arranging for a smooth final and hoping that Dhoni and his boys will score over the Lankans tonight to enable the President write a glorious chapter for himself. For, no ICC President has ever won the world cup in his home country. So what, if millions of Indians fight an unparallelled inflation of food items over the last three years , often going hungry in the process while the food minister kept himself  busy signing broadcast deals and asking for tax-break aids from his own government for the World Cup matches?

Having heralded India to be Super Pawar in 2020 by inaugurating Indian Premier League three years back as the-then BCCI president; the ICC President this morning asked his barber to wax his bald head , keeping it free for adding a glorious colourful feather to his plate. His name does not figure in the top 100 most powerful men in the world although he is said to be  sitting over an allegedly large fortune that might even shame the Fortune 500 holders.

But tonight might change that all. The only obstacle in his way will be the men from the island, Sri Lanka  led by a suave, competitive cricketer called Kumar Sangakara , who had missed the title four years back in the Windies losing to the Australians in a rain-affected final. Kumar's soldiers include the world's highest wicket taker , an off-spinning magician by the name of Murlidharan and a sling-arm pace man, Malinga. The latter two have castled the top batsmen in the world with monotonous regularity  Kumar will be hoping that they do it again tonight aided by runs flowing from himself ,Dilshan & Jayawardane.  Sad, as it may be for Kumar , the young brigade  of India led by the master batsman Sachin ,a destructive opener,Sehwag and a swashbuckling Punjabi Yuvaraj are planning to do the same under the tactically brilliant India captain Dhoni. Whether Dhoni plays Srishant or Ashwin in place of the injured Nehra; he will still have to be constantly alert with the changes in his inferior bowling-attack  and  appropriate field placements to contain the Lankans to where they belong , Premadasa stadium in Colombo and not in Wankhade stadium of Mumbai.

May the best team win tonight but let us , all cricket fans of India, thank the two BCCI selection committee chairmen Vengsarkar & Srikanth for building the best possible Indian team over the last 4 years. This team has constantly gained in confidence as they won numerous accolades in away countries including the T20 world cup  , number 1 test ranking and we pray that they finally get to hold the cup that they so richly deserve after working tirelessly for the last 4 years.

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