Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sea and Mountain lovers: 2 distinct species.

We all know that some like the sea and some like the mountains. Invariably such likings become an issue for a couple planning a vacation. What we do not know is the reason behind such likings. Two people , each of whom even when exposed to equal number of experiences of sea-based or mountain-based vacations, can still have different affection either for the sea or for the mountains. And this trait can be so embedded in a person's psyche that it stays forever.

What is perhaps more intriguing is the fact that such characteristics can even draw strangers together. For example sea-lovers seem to find company in other sea-lovers without even knowing that they love the sea. It's quite possible that the psyche of sea-lovers demonstrate similar behavioural patterns and so on for mountain lovers.

In my opinion, people experience the infinity of space around the world in two ways. For sea lovers, they submerge themselves looking outside to the infinity with their back to the material world  while mountain-lovers love to experience infinity at a greater height but without taking their eyes from the world below.

Are sea lovers less materialistic because they look for comfort away from the world ? My experience says so. Besides they are more romantic, sometimes depressive but mostly thinking type. Achievement of challenges in life , for them, is not a passion but just an experience in the journey of life. They are more emotional in nature than rational.

Mountain lovers on the contrary have their feet on the ground and their head in the air while they experience infinity. They seem to be value the usefulness of materialistic world and at the same time love to overcome great challenges. They are more achievement oriented and do not easily give up on the challenges. Depression is less likely to be their forte and more often than not they are more rational.

So, my dear readers, what type are you? Sea loving or  mountain loving  ?

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