Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PCL, a radical reply to IPL

As soon as the news floated in that Pakistani cricketers will once again be ignored at IPL 4, the Pakistani cricket board official reached out to his desk , unlocked it and took out a file marked 'Top Secret'. In it were blueprints of a cash rich twenty-20 cricket tournament among nations who feel distinctly marginalised by the fight that countries around the globe are engaged against terrorist violence. Pakistan , Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Afganistan were natural entries while Iran, Nepal and North Korea were given special entries against an endowment of 100 nuke heads or 5000 crores in fake Indian currency. The Pakistani official was worried about the venue earlier. But now that Pakistan players have got banned from legally making loads of money from IPL, he had no problem in staging it in Pakistan. Even the opening ceremony was planned out in great detail in the secret document. 100 trained jihadis will fight commandos from Iran leading to the destruction of a model place of worship and it's hostages. The marchpast will figure bazookas as flag holders. The ceremony will be declared open by ,a retired general from Pakistan. The general , known for his passion for cricket ,had agreed to fire 3 rounds from his revolver and declare the game open withholding the drag from a dangling cigarette in his mouth. 5 players from each team were auctioned to the match-fixing bookies , in advance ;while team endorsement contracts were tendered out to the biggest arms dealers of the middle east. Television and cheerleaders were strictly forbidden. The ban was enforced in order to accomodate special requests from some of the fundamentalist teams. However, mega proxy-servers were specially created to handle large volumes of data of online gambling. Efforts were on to get the indisposed & octagenarian leader from North Korea for the closing ceremony and for popularising the game of cricket, betting and fixing in the far east. The Pakistani official christened his pet project, PCL. The world will soon come to know the premier criminal league as Pakistan Cricket League as it will unfold from the file he was holding in his hand.

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