Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Honey, money is so funny: (A poem on the IPL 3 saga)

A sultry kashmiri drops her pallu,
(to) Get the attention of a snooty mallu;
Blood starts throbbing in the mallu's vein,
He pulls a piece of paper & a pen;

"It swells my heart with pride, dear Lallu,"
Wrote the suave & articulate Mallu
"(to) Know of your beta in the team nai dilli
(Though he seems to be there only as a maali;)
But I have plans for a team in Kochi
Where all are welcome from mollah to mochi;
Remember to support me in the people's house,
While I prepare to call this haughty Mouse."

Snooty dials M to get his 'sweat' heart some money,
And talks in a voice dripping with diplomatic honey;

"Kochi must win the bid
Let us all now plant the seed.
Ask not who owns what shares
Lest it be hard to hold on to your chairs.."

M, the sleazy gujju, in a fit of cunning
Kept his secret recorder running
Then tweeted it all out on the Internet
And that's how the first fish got nabbed in the net.

Other fishes scampered to the left and the right
The mighty sarkar slipped in, for a fight,
(into) This world of yachts & tycoons
While the blogger laughs & lampoons
At the actors in this sizzling story
Of sleaze & all other things monetary.

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shivshankar said...

Hey Salty ,

Great one.Dont blog usually but this ode to a mallu appealed to me .Even Considering he studied in Cal and my folks have met his folks in the old days,his snootiness needs to be shunne.Even a guy like George Bush considerd him immature.Sunanda incidentally is his 3rd and he seems to have worked up quite a sweat!!(equity or noit)