Sunday, July 5, 2009

Indian Media is a joke

The Election Commission(EC) has denied charges of malfunctioning of EVMs as reported in here.

EC has also debunked claims by a news report that an enquiry has been ordered or that a demonstration of malfunctioning has been made. Apparently the EVMs have a "possibility of malfunctioning" if another software is burned into the chip. EC claims that its ASIC is tamper proof.

Besides laying to rest speculations about EVM's health, EC's claim indicates that Rediff had actually published a motivated story to take the nation for a ride on a very serious issue concerning the fundamental structures of India's democracy. Rediff's unethical report leaves Indian readers as miffed as they were 4 decades back when propaganda disguised as news was mostly organised by the Government controlled media channels. It appears that the glut of private channels has not changed the situation even now as each of these private media outfits seem to be either toeing the line of some other political party (in this case, BJP)or merely write any junk to achieve TRP ratings or hits among gullible readers.

The Truth however Rests in Peace somewhere in between.

The Indian media like any other industry merely gives employment to its reporters while professionalism & ethics continue to be tarnished in the typical " India-me sob cholta hai" way.

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