Sunday, April 19, 2009

Resurrection and Romance in the revealing ads of IPL2 DAY1

Vodafone started the IPL second season with a couple of fantastic new ads. One of the latter, depicts a Jinda Laash(meaning zombie) on a charpai ( a bed for carrying the dead) jiving his way to be the STAR of the match while the credited players stand forlorn on the side. While the objective of the ad was possibly to hint that the common man can be the STAR without hurling a ball or a bat (he has to just send a SMS ); the inaugural matches of IPL second season actually threw out senior Indian players ( including one retired) as STARS of the day. Of course , this is not to ever say that either of Tendulkar, Dravid or Kumble is being called a zombie but probably the analogy is acceptable in a format of the game tailor-made for the young, talented & the energetic.
Tendulkar made 59 batting through and had right-arm slinger Malinga backing up Mumbai Indian's winning total of 160. Dravid, partnering Petersen, epitomised 'Casablanca-in-a-sinking-ship' when his 66 helped Royal Challengers bounce back from 0/2 to a score of 133 . Kumble then bowled out Warnie's Rajasthan Royals with a figure of 5/5.
Airtel reused Vidya-Madhvan onscreen chemistry to preach in its new ad that romance survives even deep meltdowns. Almost mimicking the storyboard, a visual of Geoffrey Boycott closeted with Shilpa Shetty in the sponsors' box popped out on the telly and it didn't take long to figure out that the meltdown has hit hard Shilpa, the owner of Rajasthan Royals whose paltry score of 58 measured up to her budget.
Castrol's ad appeared like a mediocre exercise of an art workshop in a science school. The game of Chennai Kings without Murli/Morkel would probably fall in the same category. Abhishek Nayar's quick-fire 35 for Mumbai Indians was a reminder of the old ad of Havels. The wonder boy of a wide-eyed mother made sure his knock put his side up by a game on the first day.
Three of the famous five of recent Indian Cricket came good today. Wonder what would Ganguly and Laxman , the balance two, have to show on the second day when they face each other?

I shall look out for the telling signs in the ads again.

Photo Source :Cricinfo

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