Sunday, March 22, 2009

10 pros & cons of holding IPL in a foreign land.

If the Indian Premier League as announced today is held in a foreign country like South Africa or England, what will be gains & losses for the Indian television viewers? I could think of 5 such pairs.

  1. A pollution free environment will enhance clarity of broadcasting .
  2. Pitches will be livelier making for a better match.
  3. Cheerleaders can wear sexier dresses .
  4. All the 'foreign (non-Indian)' players will probably be seen in action as security will be a less of a concern.
  5. Local Indian media including newspapers & television channels will devote their time & space to newsworthy events other than IPL.

Cons :

  1. One will have to strain the neck to watch matches in-between a glut of ads as Indian advertisers will squeeze out every opportunity to beam their commercials on hapless viewers in India while foreign advertisers will also try to showcase their unknown products in the same time.
  2. The restriction of 'foreign' players ( 4 per team) in the domestic teams will assume farcical meaning as Pietersen playing for Bengaluru Royal Challengers will be termed as a foreigner even though the match is played in England .
  3. The concept of 'home' and 'away' matches will now be termed as 'adopted home' & 'adopted away' matches thus adding to the confusion.
  4. It might be distressing to watch Kallis warming the reserve bench in his home ground while Robin Utthappa gets to swing his bat in South Africa.
  5. It might even be more distressing to see an impassioned 'foreign' crowd not erupting in a roar as their adopted team hits a sixer/takes a wicket/wins a match in the 'adopted home' ground.

Can you add some more ?


Alagappan said...

- environment doesn't affect the broadcasting of any match.!

- even if the IPL is held in a foreign country the local media will still cover it.

nice analysis though.. :-)

radhika said...

yaa thats true but economy of that country is boosting n not ours.. its IPL- Indian premier league.. it should be organised in India only

march madness picks said...

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