Sunday, February 1, 2009

Smashing Sania Sundaram

For the historic Hyderabad city, 2009 had started badly with the "Satyam Saga Scandalam" of the now-disgraced Ramalingam Raju, who had once helped put Hyderabad on the international map of software geeks. Four weeks later, Hyderabad has shot back , even if briefly, to international fame thanks to Sania Mirza getting a Grand Slam trophy. Sania , partnering Mahesh Bhupathi of Bengaluru , lifted the Mixed Doubles trophy in the Australian open Tennis Final today vanquishing their opponents, Nathalie Dechy & Andy Ram, 6-4, 6-2 in less than an hour. While for Bhupathi this is his eleventh Grand Slam trophy, it’s the first one for Sania & Hyderabad city.
Leaving behind the poor show in the Beijing Olympics as well as niggling elbow and shoulder injuries in 2008, Sania played like a true champion today and was an equally able partner to Mahesh. Her cross-court shots from the base line got her few winners but what were most exhilarating to watch were her overhead smashes from the center of her court that walloped past the hapless Andy & Nathalie .
Hyderabadis would be joyous with their champion shahzadi.

Photo Source : Australian Open Championship 2009


BK Chowla said...

My best wishes to Sania for having made India proud.Determination and hard work always pays.

Salty said...

I agree. After being wrongly defamed by worthless hooligans for her "short dress" & also for "insulting the national flag", she has shown steely determination for her age to bring laurels for her country. Sania is one of the role models for young women of a modern India.