Saturday, December 13, 2008

A crow does not eat another crow's meat

A lot of hue and cry is being made of the fact that Asmal Kasav, the captured gunman of the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai is a Pakistani national and that is enough reason for India to go to war with Pakistan. Arguments are being cited that the state must take responsibility of the belligerent actions of its citizens. The 9/11 attacks , seven years back, were executed by a team. a few of whom were residents of West Germany while a few had taken active residency in USA itself undergoing commercial training in flying aircraft. It didn't prompt America to go into a war with a similar developed economy as Germany. But, instead, it took it upon itself to invade & "liberate" Afghanistan and an old enemy, Iraq of their terror networks & supporting regimes. The situation in both the countries,unfortunately, is still fragile with the acrid smell of gun powder and burnt flesh in the streets , all over. The funding of this illogical war inside nation states and against a motivated but embedded enemy of "jihadi terrorists" probably came from the money borrowed from the rest of the world who had mistakenly hitched a ride on the booming real-estate market in USA. And now that the American economy approaches bankruptcy, the rock-bottom prices of oil do not even justify the surrogate control over oil reserves of the middle east. It will not be long before rest of the world will gear up again to bail-out America. Companies in export-intensive countries like Singapore, Japan, South Korea will wipe out American companies on price innovation in the American market thus affecting employment and/or salaries of their own workforce while the governments of emerging markets like India & China will use bloated fiscal-stimulus measures to sustain large western corporations of the capital goods & infrastructure sectors like GE, Caterpillar etc. For the governments in South Asia this is the ideal time to stop, collect together & ponder before blindly signing the checks for future American profligacy.

The sequential cycle of inequality, unbridled aggression in foreign policies, spread of blind-faith over scientific education, terrorism & economic ruin have happened for too long a time to ignore anymore. Over the last century , the cycle time of such sequence of events have reduced from 2-4 decades in the early part to 7-8 years in the latter; helped largely by a boom in defence-arsenal sectors and invention of the microchip , Internet & wireless handheld devices. It will not be foolhardy to expect that the cycle time will reduce further in the coming years. This will put enormous pressure on two of the most dear virtues of a statesman or a leader namely restraint in aggression and tolerance for other faiths including the blind ones.

One sincerely hopes that the political establishments in South Asia do not fall prey to the same virus of war of arsenals & violence among themselves. The bigger war, if it has to be played , is the economic one which a tiny nation like Japan had toiled hard to win during the post world war era. The leaders of South Asian bloc should seize the opportunity to initiate peace and build foundations for long-term dominance of the western market instead of squandering away the economic gains , that they have made in the last decade, after defence arsenals & nuclear warheads.

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