Saturday, July 5, 2008

The most hated politician of this decade : Arjun Singh , HRD Minister goes into an overdrive to finish the IITs.

Recent reports suggest that HRD ministry now wants to have quotas for teachers in IIT , right up to the professor grade. This is after establishing the quotas for girl students and students from OBC category over and above the SC & ST. Presently the Standing council of IITs have, thankfully, rejected the ministry’s proposal but one does not know how long they will be able to hold on.

I would have thought after reading the report that the HRD minister, Arjun Singh, has now gone completely senile. How could otherwise one explain for quotas among faculty? A good educational institute is known in the international academic circle by the quality of its faculty & publications and there should not be any compromise or discrimination in selecting the most meritorious.

Reservation of any form is a compromise , finally. If you are compromising the faculty of IIT, then surely this order from the HRD minister is the last nail on the coffin of IIT.

But coming back to Arjun Singh, I think this old politician is not senile but a manipulative politician still trying to play his tricks . I am suddenly reminded of his murky, corrupt background thirteen years ago when he was exposed in the Churhat lottery case and was rightly sacked by the-then Prime Minister, Narasimha Rao. Arjun Singh fought back hard enough to bring Narasimha Rao and his own government down. Besides being manipulative, he is wily as a fox and as vengeful as a snake behind his social-do-gooder exterior . One wonders as to why the present leadership of Congress still tolerates his nonsense.

Charan Singh used to be the most hated politician of the eighties. I think Arjun Singh will now stand up to this award.

If the Congress does not rein in this cancerous minister, then it will not be the leftists who will bring down the UPA government but certain Arjun Singh will be doing an encore after thirteen years and bring the central government crashing down.

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