Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CPM expels Somnath Chatterjee! When will India expel anti-national CPM ?

He brings disaster upon his nation who never sows a seed, or lays a brick, or weaves a garment, but makes politics his occupation.~ Kahlil Gibran

That probably sums up the profiles of most of the Politburo (whatever that means! probably it means a coterie.) members of the Communist Party of India (M with or without plus a L). Think of Prakash Karat or Sitaram Yechuri or Nilotpol Basu or Biman Bose etc. etc. Whats their profession ? None.
They are what one would call whole timers of the party. If they are expelled from the party , they will starve/beg to death because they have no other marketable skills to survive. They did not spend any effort to learn any. Maybe , they will start another political party and live on their members.

Somnath Chatterjee , who was expelled today by the above members of his party , at least can fall back on his law practice like his earlier adversary Siddharta Shankar Ray, ex-CM of West Bengal. The official reason for Somnath's expulsion is of course , that he did not resign from the Speaker's post as asked by his party high command. The party high command forgets that under the Indian constitution , a speaker is above any party line. Once his term as speaker ends, he can then probably , come under party dictates again.

But then when did the communists have any regard for the Indian constitution? Their party's constitution is bigger than that. As always, national interest comes behind party's interest. The commies in India bloat their chest thinking that they are fulfilling an important role for something as outdated and vague as a "world communist movement" where "petty" things like national constitution can be passed over. Rumour goes that to fulfill such an important mission communists are not averse to being funded by American sympathisers and organisations although they denounce any strategic relations with the American government.

Besides what greater pleasure can unskilled bummers like Karat , Biman or Sitaram get, than by humbling a skilled professional lawyer like Somnath Chatterjee? No one is above their party's law , they scream. Even someone who has given 4 decades of service to the party and given the party a mass respectability that it lacks. People like Karat forget that , " the brotherhood of men does not imply their equality. Families have their fools and their men of genius, their black sheep and their saints, their worldly successes and their worldly failures. A man should treat his brothers lovingly and with justice, according to the deserts of each. But the deserts of every brother are not the same (Aldous Huxley)".

One positive thing about the trust vote yesterday has been the riddance of the leftists from the national policy making bodies. The leftists had paralysed all reforms oriented policies for the last 4 years . We hope that some of them including PSU disinvestment, pension reforms, PF reforms, labour reforms , FDI in retail, aviation etc. etc. will see the light of the day. The hegemony of the leftists still remain in three states which are slowly entering into a realm of backwardness that can only be removed once they are voted out from Bengal, Tripura & Kerala.

If and when that is done (it may take a whole generation because backwardness has to be experienced to wake up the citizens of these states from the slumber that they are in , now), the country will rid itself of a regressive educated devil called the Communist Party of India.
(Cartoon Source : Ninan's World, Times of India)


Anonymous said...

I entirely agree with you. The likes of so called protectors of working class are busy working against the poor workers as well as the nation. What does Prakash karat mean by saying that the congress will face the wrath of the nation?? ..for going ahead with the nuclear deal. Who represents the nation..the left??..when you have been left out of the game, now you cry that the congress is unfair. And they have found a scape goat in Somnath Chatterjee. Polit buro (sounds something from outer universe) should take a collective stand to kick out karat, who is an utter fool, and is bound to further split the communist very soon. NO NO let him remain.. he will sort out BSP and their likes!!!

Anonymous said...

Karat, after withdrawing support, had exhorted all other "friendly" allies of UPA to "..desert the sinking ship called UPA". Now he is oaring on a life boat while the ship has moved on with his friends. I think before long ,it will be the BSP who will sort Karat out. Karat may find himself and his party swimming in choppy waters even without a life boat.
"Vinash kaley buddhi bhronso..."