Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Cat (sorry, cash) is finally out of the bag. A disgraced Indian Parliament

Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts, perhaps the fear of the loss of power.~ John Steinbeck

On the second day of the debate on trust vote centred around the nuclear agreement, the symbolic explosion finally happens inside the Indian Parliament, Lok Sabha.

Ashok Argal, a BJP M.P from Morena, Madhya Pradesh submits at the well of the house & proudly displays a wad of 1000 rupee bundles for the benefit of national television. It appears that the M.P was being bribed by the Congress-SP combine to vote for the UPA government in the trust vote to be held in the evening .

Earlier in the day, some BSP M.Ps submitted a written complaint to the speaker that the CBI officers were threatening them to vote for UPA or face some criminal action.

No wonder that the inflation has touched nearly 12% this week. There's too much money chasing junks (disguised as goods) in the Indian market.

Till now, the gossip was just that, a gossip.

Finally the country has proof that the elected representatives of the Indian people do not a care a f**k about the nation that selects them. All they care about is getting to power & staying in power and enjoy the wads of money that just seem to chase them for any exercise of their absolute power.

They deserve to be first stoned by the public & then publicly hanged from the lamp posts that adorn Rajpath in the national capital.

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