Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whodunit: -Arushi Talwar murder case

One summer morning a month back, Arushi Talwar -a 14 year old mobile carrying schoolgirl living with her doctor parents in Noida was found murdered in her room. Her skull was fractured & her throat skillfully slit. Arushi lived in a room next to her parents and the only other person living in the house happened to be a middle aged, male domestic worker, whose corpse incidentally was discovered next day in the terrace.

As the national media screamed murder & unverified, sizzling stories of extra-marital affairs (of the father) , wife swapping , illicit affairs, high connections etc. etc. started appearing in the media channels; the Noida police swiftly took Arushi's father , Dr. Rajesh Talwar, in police custody based on the statements of a young male compounder , Krishna , who used to work in Dr. Talwar's clinic.

As it turns out now, after the CBI took over the case, Krishna may be a possible culprit of a premeditated murder. Krishna had easy access to the Talwar household , used to call Arushi pretty often and reportedly forensic evidences ( his fingerprints) have been found in the house. The motive, although, is not very clear based on the information released.

The nation was intrigued after Dr. Talwar was arrested by the Noida police ( in fact he is still under the custody but of CBI). How could a father kill his loving daughter ? Shrinks wrote their two cents in national dailies explaining to the lay reader the "psychology" behind such possible killings by the parents. But the motive , as usual, wasn't clear to anybody.

The CBI hasn't yet disclosed the murderer(s) or the motive but the breakthrough remains very close. It largely depends on finding the murder weapon as well as Arushi's mobile phone.

And if Krishna happens to be the culprit, then this case will join countless other murders being committed by support staff in the big cities of India. Male domestic helps, compounders, drivers etc. appear to be on a quick murder-loot-and-flee spree all over the places while female domestic maids are on the same line excepting the murder part.High time, the shrinks concentrate on the "psychology" behind such killings by the support staff but more importantly the cops must use their sources to track down the organised criminal gangs that appear to operate freely in the background while using the domestic support staff to infiltrate vulnerable houses holds in the big cities.

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