Friday, June 13, 2008

Whodunit? Arushi Case: Part-2 Krishna's narco-test

This posting is further to the Part-1 on this case.

As the first report from hit the Internet on the results of Krishna's narco-test conducted yesterday at Bengaluru", the only conclusion one can draw is that the identity of the murderer(s) still remain a mystery while the case has become political.

The report talks about the second murderer but does not say whether Krishna has confessed to be the first.

More significantly, no light is being thrown on the location of two pieces of crucial evidences; the murder weapon & Arushi's mobile phone.

If Krishna talked about the murder during his narco-test, surely he would have led to the location of the murder weapon.

All that the narco-test has succeeded in concluding are that
1) The UP police has wrongly assassinated the characters of Arushi & Hemraj (of them having been found "in objectionable position" by Dr. Talwar on the night of murder)
2) The UP police has assigned wrong motives to Dr. Talwar (of the case being " a crime of passion").

It is important to know that the UP police's arrest of Dr. Talwar was largely dependent on Krishna's statement about Dr. Talwar .

So, by conducting the narco-test on Krishna, CBI has only rebuffed UP police's claims and nothing else. The only party to gain from such a conclusion is the Congress party in the center who have an axe to grind with Mayawati in UP.
This is clearly a small political victory for the Congress .

If the weapon & the cell phone remain elusive, it is just a matter of time by when the case file would be closed for lack of evidences and the arrested suspects released by the court. Hopefully the evidences would be found. Otherwise, what can the CBI do after having arrived almost a fortnight later at the scene of the crime?

Is this "CBI" hype all ado about nothing ? I do not know but having closely followed the media circus on Rizwanur Rahman case in West Bengal, I am reminded of the same four things that went together: CBI,political brownie points,lack of evidences & primary suspects who were rich & moneyed.

What do you think ?

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