Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fourth of June : A rotten day in history

19 years ago, Chinese authorities on this day killed hundreds of pro-democracy student demonstrators outside Tiananmen square, Beijing. (Incidentally on the same day ; I broke my right ankle , dislocated a finger & twisted another in my right hand in a freak mobike accident inside the IIM Bangalore campus. )

Fourth of June continues to repeat history. The leftists, the ideological brokers of the Chinese, have decided to call a bandh in Bengal & Tripura protesting against the price hike in petroleum products that were announced by the Central government, today.

While politics takes centre stage triggered by economical uncertainties, one can only laugh at the farcical situation being played out by the Indian political parties. Everybody mouths platitudes about the common man . The PM comes on air, the left spokesperson spits out his “anti-establishment” opinions on the camera , the right wing opposition appears angry at the press conferences while the business panels on television channels complete their quota on time-bound discussions with a never-seen vengeance.

The rise in global oil prices have once again given an opportunity to the elected members of the Indian parliament to ring the bell for new elections, to be funded by Indian business houses.

So, the citizens will have to prepare themselves for more speeches , spits on the cameras, panel discussions, bandhs, more inflation , a rise in interest rate , a politically hijacked slowdown of the economy and possibly an early election . Which will of course mean more costs to the exchequer.

I told you it’s a rotten day in history and if you also consider Barak Obama having emerged as the victorious democratic candidate in USA today , you will be convinced. For when it comes to the crunch , USA will vote a white candidate (republican in this year) to power and that only implies more trouble for the sovereign developing countries in the rest of the world.

If I sound like a doomsday theorist, go and drink a glass of chilled beer and be happy that the Arab countries of OPEC , who control the world oil production, have only increased oil prices instead of blasting the rest of the oil-consuming world with religious terrorism.

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