Saturday, May 31, 2008

Super show by Super 30

Super-30 is a not-for-profit organisation running special coaching for 30 handpicked students in Bihar for the IIT joint entrance examination, presumably the toughest entrance examination in India for the intellectually enabled.
All the students picked by Super 30 are talented & meritorious but come from extremely backward families, both economically & socially. None of them can afford even coaching class fees. Super-30 provides free lodging , boarding, coaching during the program to the talented 30.

Super 30 generate funds for the program by teaching other students of intermediate schools and do not receive any funds from the government & private agencies.

Super 30- has been running the show for last five years and this year (2008)they have cracked 100% success with all students getting through the IIT entrance examination.

The superb show by this group goes to show the amount of value, a set of quality & committed faculty can add to a group of meritorious but economically deprived students.

Merit is geographically distributed across the country ( any 5 old year child will tell you that) but access to good faculty & coaching is not. Super 30 has set a precedence in filling this gap. Hats off to Mr. Anand Kumar (see picture) & Mr. Abhayanand , who presumably are the faculty and run Super 30, for such a sustained performance for last 5 years.

NGOs & donors working in education sector can take this lesson from Super 30 & focus on getting quality & committed faculty in order to generate effective outcomes.

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