Sunday, May 25, 2008

BJP wins in Karnataka. Nobody cares in Bengaluru.

The assembly elections in Karnataka has given BJP, a clear verdict of government formation. In a sense , it is a bit of justice delayed for the saffron party after being publicly ditched twice by its coalition partner, JD (S) in last one year on the issue of sharing of power. For JD(S), its never been worse as they are down to some 15% seats with Congress (I) taking around 30%.

Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka is probably one of the least politically-sensitised capital with its citizens displaying complete lack of interest in anything overtly political. Even dismissals of state government do not evoke either a street reaction or a discussion in public transport. The city thrives on continuous development and growth and the citizens are too busy to devote any time to anything else. The activities of smart politicians are devoted to spoils & gains from the development projects including liquor, real estate & mining. The city has largely a migrant population of which Tamils occupy the majority positions in government jobs. The population is largely young , middle class and well-to-do thanks to a thriving electronics, IT, BT, services sectors supported by large number of entrepreneurs & venture capitalists who have made the city their home.

So, whether it is BJP or JD(S) or Congress (I) in power, business will carry on as usual. The positive side is that the buffoonery of politicians displayed for last one year over sharing of power will hopefully come to a stop. The negative side is the possibility of Tamil-Kannada tension being stoked up by notorious elements that adorn BJP.

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