Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dubious NGO

An NGO in Guwahati , which was supposed to be engaged in anti-AIDS programs have been raided recently as they were suspected of running a brothel.(Click here for the detailed story )
Unlike a corporate, the accountability of a NGO is always suspect. This is because, the Board Members of the Trust are often there to earn goodwill by association and do not seriously questions the activities of the trust. Some among them are also hand in gloves with the racket that goes on. Funds from serious donors are also siphoned off for personal gains by the management.

While investigations in this Guwahati case will hopefully bring out the truth , the fact remains that members of the trust need to be penalised for such gross misdemeanours so that in future corporate chiefs & social celebrities stop using a NGO board position as an easy way of glorifying their image in their twilight days.

If a corporate tycoon has practised unethical means of becoming a tycoon in the first place, then surely he cannot be allowed to redeem his image by sitting on the board of an unaccountable NGO. A leopard seldom changes its spots.

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