Sunday, March 2, 2008

Nagaland: The endless promise of a Bright Indian Future ?

The elections in Nagaland, presently under President’s rule, is due soon.
Did you know that?
You, who is in Mumbai and flicks through the TOI in the morning or you in Bengaluru, for whom politics has no meaning ? And countless, other yous!
But you would have noticed that there was an election in Himachal recently or even in Pakistan or President’s rule in Karnataka.
Surprise, surprise ! You and I in Kolkata, probably know precisely as much.

So, when Nagas talk about their relationship with Indians as “us-and-them," why blame them? We , in India, are physically & mentally removed from this state for generations.

Nevertheless, the impending elections in Nagaland is being watched closely by the Indian government, the NSCN groups (there is a third one now, “U” – NSCN-"Unified" formed by two ministers of the IM & K group: did you know that?) , the warring tribes & the international Community.

Across the groups, Nagas do not accept the Indian constitution. Period.
The Government of India, considers its strategic importance to be too vital to be left out of the boundaries. Bordering Myanmar & being close to China, Nagaland is one place, India would not like to secede. So the talk is on for giving a full-scale autonomous government (do you know what it means?).

And the elections are on too. Congress & the NPF are two major parties . Both of whose Naga leaders have amassed huge wealth during their rule. The parallel governments in Nagaland (did you know that Nagaland has two numbers full scale parallel governments running in their respective tribal bases ? Now you know , Us and Them?) taxes the government employees , locals and the contractors working there.
Nagas maintain that they are united. But are they ?
Life goes on in India. While elections in Nagaland once again raises the
issue of secession with dignity !

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