Saturday, March 1, 2008

Indian Premier (Cricket ) League- Big Money only?

Well, I do not think any body will grudge the crores that the cricketers are earning through IPL as long as they maintain their international standings while playing for the country.The last big trophy India won in cricket was way back in the eighties. In the recent World Cup for one day Cricket held in the West Indies, Team India with combined valuation of more than 10 crores lost to Bangladesh , a team which if put in IPL auction would not even fetch one hundredth of the sum. I am stressing this point because the “star status” of a cricket player is established not by his performance in the domestic circuit but by the display of his superior cricketing abilities in an international arena. It is interesting to know that a market atleast has been created around these talented cricketers. But for any market economics to work , if someone is earning then somebody else has to pay for it.In this case, of course, it is the Indian cricket audience in the stands and the Television viewers. As long as they continue to see value in watching IPL, the venture will sustain itself. Some of the investors have dubbed the IPL extravaganza as reality television with lots of adrenaline being pumped in. But this is reality television with a difference. Here pure cricketing performances will determine the international career of a cricketer. A couple of flops from a star player and the viewer will loose interest in him. Entertainment packages will surely bring in the audience to the stands but cricketing performances will determine the sustainability. Finally, all investors are talking of a long term scenario to see money coming in. But be certain , money will go out as fast as they came in if there aren’t sufficient numbers of cricket viewers in the short term.

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