Thursday, October 30, 2014

11 everyday ironies

  1. The costlier the product , the lousier is its service.
  2. The louder  the promise, the lower is the probability of keeping it.
  3. The more things change, the more they remain the same.
  4. The bigger the ad-size, the lower is the sales.
  5. The more one gets, the less one gives.
  6. Lower the knowledge,  bigger is the lack of judgment. 
  7. Higher the education qualifications, the lower is the ability to take risks.
  8. Higher the inflation,  the lower is the growth of income.
  9. More the aspirations for peace,  larger are the conflicts & wars.
  10. Higher the money supply, larger is the inequality of income.
  11. Higher the sophistication of automation, the  dumber is the society.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 reasons why ISL scores over IPL in Indian sports

A panoramic view of the Salt Lake stadium, Kolkata; one of the 8 venues for ISL
Indian Soccer League , ISL (abbreviation of India Super League) has just  commenced with much fanfare ,excitement and addition of  more-than-incremental doses of commercialization , professionalism and quality to the decades-old Indian national soccer league that had been long characterized by slow, mediocre games with very localized fan following. 
Eightteams are in fray in ISL with each team playing the other twice (home & away) in a group-format until four qualify for the knock-out stage in another 8 weeks. Eight key top world-cuppers & European League players who have quit the game a year or two back have been roped in as marquee players for the ISL teams along with existing players from the lower division leagues across the world. The format allows fielding maximum of 6 foreign players . Since majority of the players are from the European leagues (unlike the flood of second-grade Nigerians that dominated  Indian soccer for 2 decades); the game also has  acquired the pace & tactical flair of the latter.
A fortnight into the league, the games in ISL  have already picked up a new breed of fan following across the eight places in Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Pune , Kerala, Mumbai, North-east &  Goa. Interestingly these fans were so long monopolized by  IPL, the premier T20 cricket league & its association of film stars and entertainment. For sure ISL will have to compete with IPL for the sporting bucks of the fans and here are ten reasons  why ISL should have the advantage over IPL when the fans make a decision to open their purses.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chotushkone (The Fourth Angle): Review of a film by Srijit Mukherjee

Srijit Mukherjee  , the ace film director from Bengal, not only ensures that he gives his benevolent producers box-office hits after hits but this time in Chotushkone  , he puts forth the tribulations & pains of producers in the Bengali film industry.  However boring that concept may otherwise be for the audience, it is entirely Srijit’s mastery of  craftsmanship that transforms an unappealing concept into a thriller of a movie.  However one still doesn’t feel emotionally beside the producer; even notwithstanding Trina’s (played brilliantly by Aparna Sen) tearful breakdown in the end.
Chotushkone is about the fourth angle , literally, although the excellent narrative sketches out not an angle but a  hidden perspective that unfolds dramatically,  after the triangle has been etched out to perfection , and finally goes on to engulf it.  Since Chotushkone is a thriller till the last of its 157 minutes it’d not be proper to go into the storyline except to say that powerful performances from stellar actors , whose real lives have been blurred with reel lives, make it  literally a thrilling experience to sit through.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Parody of Seventeens

Seventeens come and go
one after another
till there is one to show
and no sight of dear mother!
Three have been left behind
right in the beginning;
you'd know, that life has been kind
and what exactly I'm saying.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Just A Story series: JAS2: Lost & found (or Dream de la dream)

While crossing the Theater  road-Cathedral road  junction and  pushed by a large on-rushing crowd; I was guided past the junction into a deserted semi-lit street off it. I  found myself alone on a street looking at  what seemed like the closed-down Central Services Club (CSC) situated off Belvedere Road where most of my childhood evenings & Sunday mornings were spent. But then this was not the weed-covered dilapidated CSC building but a wide three storied palace of beige-coloured walls  and brown-coloured parapet-edges.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Indian Table Tennis needs a fresh start

Indian table tennis failed to  flatter  at the ongoing Commonwealth games being played in Glasgow in Scotland. Like the earlier edition in New Delhi, 4 years back,  the men’s team lost the semi-finals . England beat India  3-1 and eventually lost to the reigning champion Singapore in the finals by the same margin. Subsequently India lost out the chance of retaining their bronze medal when they succumbed to Nigeria by again the same margin.
Sharath Kamal exults after defeating Drinkhall in the QF
The Indian challenge was led by the veteran paddler Sharath Achanta Kamal, ranked 44th in the world, who lost not only both

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Boycott all ITC goods

Its been nearly a month since the announcement of the general budget of the government of India announcing hike in excise duty of cigarettes by 11 to 72%. As usual cigarettes were selling in black nearly a week before the budget expecting the hike and now almost 3 weeks after the budget the disgusting practice continues. The government washed its hands off (after displaying their lack of imagination by listing taxes on the cigarettes as the first item in the national budget for  generating revenues) after presenting the budget while there is no announcement from the company ITC Limited , a near monopoly in the cigarette market, about its intention to raise or not to raise the prices leaving its own supply-chain partners ( the wholesalers, dealers & retailers) to make merry while the smoker puffs. If the Supreme Court of India couldn't find Narendra Modi guilty for not doing anything for three days while marauding rioters enflamed lives and houses in Gujarat in 2002; ITC is surely more than an arm's length away from the long arms of the law for not doing anything to inform the consumers about its position and location of fair-price shops to stop black-marketing. Their website gives no information nor are there any ads in the paper leaving consumers to suspect ITC the same way as they had suspected Modi nearly a decade ago of intimate involvement in the fracas.


কত সখা আসে যায় বাড়ীতে
কত নারী সুন্দরী,শাড়ীতে
ঢেউ এসে মুছে দেয় বালিতে
ফুলদানি গেছে ভরে ডালিতে।
তবু তুমি এলে আশেপাশে
মনমেঘে নাও  ভাসে;
ক্লেদ, সে তো সবই আছে
বয়সের জমা গাছে;
একটুকু ভালো লাগা, ক্ষণিকের সুখ
মন আলো করে থাকে তোমারই মুখ।