Tuesday, April 21, 2015


দোলের রঙ্গে রাঙ্গিয়ে  তোমাকে ,
আজ মেতেছি খেলতে হোলি;

জীবন নদীর ছোটো বড় বাঁকে  
মন খুলে কথা বলি।

Monday, March 30, 2015


না হয় বাসলে না আমায় ভালো,
বা বাসতে চাইলে না

কারন চাইলে অনেক কিছুই (এবং অনেককেই )যায় বাসা ভালো
আবার কোনো কিছুই (এবং সকলকেই) কখনও ভাল্লাগে না

আদরের পরে পরেই যেটা অবশ্যম্ভাবী
অনেকটা কাব্যবিচারের মতো 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

New Zealand can beat the odds in the Cricket World Cup final 2015

Four  decades of the World Cup for cricket has traditionally been a rivalry among the same top 8 teams and the cup has been shared among 5 of them whereas neither among  England, South Africa and New Zealand has won it ever. This time around, England flattered in the pre-cup tri-series against Australia and India only to deceive by their poor showing in their WC group. South Africa came once again tantalizingly close to win a berth in the final but was done in by the rain. So that leaves behind New Zealand to make their claim once more but

Friday, March 27, 2015

Missed Call/SMS Blues

I can’t even your write your name
Lest somebody else sees it;

I can’t express my feelings
For somebody will dislike it;

I can’t hold your hand
What if somebody is jealous of it?

মিশর রমণী


মিশরের তিনকোণা  সমাধির
মধ্যে  তোমার  খোদাই মুখ ,

চোখ মেলে ওপরের দিকে

শুয়ে আছো অনন্ত কাল;

Monday, February 16, 2015

Fulloketur Pala - Review of a play by Bohurupee

Fulloketur Pala, is the latest production by the renowned Kolkata-based theater group Bohurupee ,that was founded by the legendary thespian Shombu Mitra decades ago.

Based on one of the two stories of Chondimongol Kabyo, a popular literary heritage of Bengal dated as far back as 15th-16th century, it narrates the story of a hunter, who by divine grace & order to help poor people in the kingdom, becomes a king of Gujar where his first decree was to denounce killing of animals in the forest. Soon he orders  clearing of forest land for cultivation & declares that food so produced will be his weapon. The neighboring king of Kalinga, on knowing about absence of real weapons in Gujar’s army, decides to attack Gujar and imprisons the king. But the king is freed by his subjects , cultivators and simple people, who use whatever implements they find in home as weapons.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monday, December 29, 2014

Raja'r Mrityu (Death of Yazdgerd) : Review of a play by SpectActors

Death of Yazdgerd written by Behram Beyzai , the reputed Iranian film director & playwright, is supposed to be a play as dear to Iranians as Death of a salesman is to the Americans. The play was written in 1979 , during the time the Shah of Iran was ousted by the Islamic revolution of Khomeini, but is set in the mid 7th century when the Persian monarchy of many centuries had been overrun by the invading Arabs & the Caliphates embarked on their reign lasting ,again, many centuries. Rajar Mrityu is the not only the first production of a Bengali translation   of Death of Yazdgerd in Kolkata but also the first production of the newly-born professional theater group , SpectActors led by Sudipto Chatterjee .